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the homepage here time and we think it's a fantastic charity

Bridging generation Pandora Beads Canada gap with gardening Bridging generation gap with gardening The goldies garden may well set up at st mark's school in larkhall, Pandora Silver Beads that invite members of the charity golden oldies to enjoy the garden by watching or helping the pupils to grow herbs and vegetables. Grenville jones, the initiator of goldies, came up with the idea from his own personal experiences and said it fitted in well with the music charity's work and trying to give older people something to wait for. "The seasons of the season were only illustrated by what he was growing.She given the carrots he planted.I just thought would not it be great if we could have a goldies garden, Mr jones acknowledged mayor of bath councillor bryan chalker(Disadvantage, lambridge)In reference to his idea, at a time when he had been looking at launching a community garden in the city. Mr chalker recounted: "It ticks associated with the boxes, for instruction, planting your own veg and getting kids involved in looking after older members of the city, and it's extremely green, The garden will be launched early in the year when goldies will be invited along to watch pupils planting as well as socialise and enjoy the views across the valley. Administrating headteacher of st mark's raymond friel, who is a trustee of the goldies cause, said he was keen to assist the latest project. He explained: "We have been involved in goldies for some the homepage here time and we think it's a fantastic charity. "Both st gregory's and st mark's have been involved with goldies and we think that care of the elderly is a important aspect of our christian mission. "Seniors are often vulnerable and lonely and need some help. "When grenville came to us recently, we started a link which has just grown. "This is an imaginative extension of that work and is a lovely idea that gives a communal feeling and a place for older people to go. "At a time when we hear how care of the ageing is failing in so many ways, we're doing a to help the elderly, Year 10 young people ben partridge, who's going to be 15, and 14 year old ben holton will be engaged. He explained: "It is good because it'll involve the community. "It is going to be which can happen over the years and be worked on, The reality is you two this project quite excites me.I dug all those plots in the photo and thanks to other 'oldies' we have created a school gardening club which meets each tuesday afternoon during term time.The lads and lassies then helped me construct a nature pond which has been a great results.So to form a quiet corner into a place of peace and tranquility for the more senior amongst us will i hope add another small dimension to the meaning of something we appear to have been losing of late, town spirit.The place where young meet old, trusting meets wise, the unknown meets endure.