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Coloured Wedding Dresses and the location was stunning

Glenariffe traveller Prom Dresses UK Prom Dresses: reviews We are regular visitors to the laragh lodge and have never been disappointed.A year ago we decided we wanted to get married there and booked on the spot.So, 22nd august 2013 was the big day.Gary and the staff were welcoming to all our guests.The meal was amazing.We had roast beef, plenty of good quality food for everyone.Some had 2 even 3 helpings but everyone had enough to eat.Gary also made sure that everyone was catered for, including ensuring that one of our guests had a gluten free meal.The venue suited us Coloured Wedding Dresses and the location was stunning deals on Dresses for Weddings and if anyone is planning a wedding in northern ireland i would certainly recommend looking at the laragh lodge!The service was unbelievable.With gary driving to ballycastle to buy super glue to fix a guest's shoe!I cannot think of anywhere else where this would happen.Nothing was too much trouble.And a must have for us on each visit is"French fried onions".The best onion rings we have ever had! My wife and i and anoher couple were driving through the lovely glens of antrim, in a rental car on an"Independent"Outing from our cruise ship, which was docked in belfast, when our tire literally disintegrated on a rural road near glenariffe.A carload of gracious folks picked us up and took us to the laragh lodge restaurant to wait for assistance and have lunch.The general manager, gary o'loughlin immediately made us comfortable and assisted us as much as possible in getting our tire repaired so we could return to the port in time to baord our ship.We had a lovely lunch, including some of the best fish and chips i've ever eaten, in delightful surroundings.The other entrees were excellent and the service was exceptional.When it became apparent that the rental car company would not be able to repair our tire in time for us to drive to the port, gary insisted on driving we four all the way to belfast airport(About an hour away), waited for us to sort out the rental car fiasco and then sped us to the port where we just made it up the gangway before the ship sailed.We can wholeheartedly recommend the restaurant, but would suggest you get there some way other than our approach!